The Math Club offers year-round math sessions during which students develop and expand their competency in mathematical problem solving and participate in international competions.


The Fall Session features our excellent curriculum combining skill development, interactive activities, and presentations. Students will also participate in two Math Olympiad completions.


The Winter Session is a continuation of our Fall Session. New students are always welcome. Students will participate in three more Math Olympiad competitions.


Our Spring Session highlights Topics in Problem Solving and a “Special Math Club Exclusive” Club Competition.


Our Summer Session offers classes in pre-algebra, algebra geometry, and advanced geometry. The class combines instruction and group activities to emphasize the educational objectives.

Current & Upcoming Sessions


We invite your student to join us for The Math Club’s 2021 Summer Session. Every summer we target our work in developing your student’s competency and confidence in math through topic rich 5-week courses. Our interactive summer learning programs are designed to prepare your student for the 2021-2022 academic year and to sharpen their skills for the fall Math competition season, including the International Mathematics Olympiad and the AMC 8. The Math Club will be offering both competition programs in the Fall 2021 session.


Weeks of June 28 – July 26, 2021
5 weeks



We will return to The Hancock Church for our Fall 2021 Session!


$485 per course ($5 discount per additional sibling)

Students may register for more than one class

Weekly Schedule

ClassMeeting Time
Pre-Algebra (A)Monday & Wednesday 4:00—4:45pm
Pre-Algebra (B)Tuesday & Thursday 5:00—5:45pm
Algebra (A)Monday & Wednesday 5:00—5:45pm
Algebra (B)Tuesday & Thursday 4:00—4:45pm
GeometryTuesday & Thursday 7:00—7:45pm
Advanced GeometryMonday & Wednesday 7:00—7:45pm
A and B denote different options for class times


  1. Weekly Online Instruction: Classes meet for 45-minutes twice a week by Zoom. Classes feature interactive learning with a mix of lecture and step-by-step problem solving. Students learn concepts and strategies for how to solve problems.
  2. Weekly TA Study Groups: Our famous TAs host hour-long virtual Study Groups. These sessions offer your student one-on-one support for classroom and homework assignments. These small, peer-led groups are facilitated by our very best high school graduates who have achieved the highest possible award levels on the International Mathematics Olympiad.
  3. Weekly Self-Paced Problem Sets: All students receive 15 classroom and 15 homework problems every week.

Special Traditions

The Math Club celebrates that fact that we are educating young students. As such, we integrate celebration and excitement into our curriculum. Examples of our favorite traditions include:

  • Annual Awards Ceremony and Potluck Dinner
  • Annual Movie Party, a private showing of two feature films
  • A pie-reciting contest, where kids earn mini pies!
Joe Quigley with student and parent.

“Work hard. Work smart. Check your answers!” ­

Joe Quigley

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